The Worst Things to do when Camping

The great outdoors are calling…

Will your camping trip be a great memory or a tale of woe?

Here are several common camping mistakes you can learn from.

No need to check a local weather forecast.

Just throw your gear in the back of your SUV and go. Hey, the weather’s beautiful at your house so it has to be the same at your campsite hundreds of miles away, right?

Trust what it says on the box.

When a piece of new equipment claims it can ‘be assembled in under 3 minutes’, believe the advertising. No need to put it through a test run at home to figure out how to use it.

One tent site is as good as the next.

The only better place than a hollow that will collect six inches of rainwater is on top of tree roots or a pile of rocks. Bonus points if you get an ant hill. For the ultimate in camping disasters, pick a site between the college students on Spring Break that are partying all night.

Speaking of night owls…

Only chumps put up their tent during the daytime. We all know you went camping to get away from it all. The best time to get the party started is when it’s pitch black and you’ve already started your partying traditions and things might be a little blurry.

Worst Camping Experiences

Never stake down your tent.

This guarantees camping mishaps. If there’s a sudden gust of wind, your tent will flip. If a real storm hits, you’ll be picking shreds of your fly out of the nearby grove of trees for days.

Bear-proof boxes and camping accidents? There’s no connection.

Store food and strong-smelling personal items like soap and insect repellent in your tent. Hey, it zips up. There’s no way bears or raccoons will be attracted by the smell and tear their way in … possibly when you’re sleeping in there.

Camping with Bears

Leave the toilet paper at home.

Don’t sweat it if you forgot to pack toilet paper. The forest is full of natural-growing alternatives like that vine with three glossy leaves that everybody else is avoiding. Go ahead. Get in touch with nature and have a night you’ll never forget.

If you have any camping mishaps you’d like to share, comment below.  Looking to avoid a bad family camping experience, check out our top camping tips.

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