Is Camping a Lost Tradition?

When I was a kid my family used to take me and my sisters camping, no matter what season or weather.  Digging ditches around our tents with the best “shovel” from branches is one camping memory.  It made the time go by until the entire campground was asked to evacuate do to torrential rain and flooding in the area.  Would my parents have happily stayed at the campsite if it wasn’t for the park ranger making us evacuate?  The answer is probably so.  That was quite a while ago, and now there are so many modern camping gear to make any weather and season comfortable that maybe the tradition of camping won’t end.  For example, if we had a Tent Cot, we might have been much more comfortable from the rain and I wouldn’t have to worry so much about making ditches around the tent. Planning is an important part of the camping experience. Proper camping trip planning can lead to a fun trip, even for those going camping for the first time.


Do you think camping is a lost tradition?

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What are your reasons to camp or not to camp? Comment below…


  1. Dr. Bob

    My adventures in camping would not be considered as “camping” by some – lol. In 1984 (eons ago) while still in my 30’s, my wife and I purchased a brand new Winnebago Chieftain Class A motorhome (27 footer) and joined WIT (Winnebago-Itasca Travelers) club. Our local chapter was the Mass Bay Winnies and each weekend, we would head off with our fellow RV’ers for a weekend of fun, friendship and adventure. We took our then 3 kids with us and traveled to a different camp ground each weekend throughout New England, New York and even further at times. We quickly moved up to a bigger new 33 foot Winnebago Chieftain in 1986 which better suited our family and needs. We RV’d for some ten years, prior to moving to Florida and with nearly 20 years past since then, I am currently contemplating buying a used RV to use in our retirement (albeit now my wife thinks we are too old for that!) I reminded my wife that we were not the norm in our 30’s and now is the time to fit in with the more traditional senior crowd. Our kids (now all grown) loved the experience and needless to say we did too and miss it to this day. Hopefully in the not too distant future we will be back in.

  2. Catalina

    I grew up in Girl Scouts, so camping holds a lot of great memories for me. I worry that camping could become a lost tradition due to over development and the degradation of the environment.

  3. Gerson Henry

    Not a big camper (don’t really like insects and bugs lol) but i feel that families especially with kids still would consider camping as something that is worth doing even if it is only once.

  4. Tracy

    My husband and I have always loved to camp but as the kids grew older, we stopped going. Now that we are retired, we recently bought a tent trailer and have started up camping again and are having more fun than ever. We’ve taken our two grandsons and had a blast. We took our two kayaks and bought a small one for the boys, went fishing, hiking and went searching for crawdads. Hopefully we are building up great memories for the two boys and hope to even include their parents. It’s wonderful because you can connect with the family without all the technology gadgets interfering

  5. Shannon

    Camping is still alive and well in my family! It was a special family time for my husband and his family growing up- just like mine. Now we are carrying on the tradition with our daughters. A slight upgrade from a tent to a caravan, but still cook outdoors, campfire, no electricity just lots of quality time. One day I hope we will be camping with our grandkids!

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