Camping Near a Lake | 7 Things You Must Bring

If you’re camping near a lake, don’t forget these items…

Camping near a lake, river, ocean or any other body of water allows for some fun opportunities. I love being able to go out on a lake and kayak all day. It has the right mix of relaxation and adventure. The reason camping near a lake is a great idea is that you can focus on getting up and going straight to what you love to do most. For me that is kayaking, for someone else that might be paddle boarding. If I were staying at a hotel near a lake, where would I put my kayak, attach it to my truck and then every time I want to go kayaking I would have to lug it all the way down and untie it and then do it all again on the way back. Camping, it’s just there next to me and my campsite ready to go. Camping near a lake or river also means you need to plan for being outside and getting wet or nearly wet for an extended period of time. The great things is there are products that solve any sort of discomfort you might anticipate while camping near water. The list below is items I think are must-have things to bring with you. Many of these items are great for any type of camping scenario, however if you are camping near a lake – pack these 7 things.

1.Kayak or Paddle Board
Camping Near a Lake

2. Portable Camp Stove
Best Camping Stove

3. Bug Spray
Campging Bug Spray

4. Sunscreen

5. Tent & UPF Beach Tent

6. Camping Chair with cupholders
Beach Camping Chairs

7. Ice Chest/Cooler

These are 7 suggested items, but planning a camping trip can be even better with your own personalized gear. If you were going on a camping trip, what would you bring instead?

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  1. Tracy

    I would substitute the shower tent/bathroom, kayak & water shoes for any of the following: Bug spray is a must as are Chairs, camp stove, lantern, matches, hatchet and water jug. These items are more important to a successful camp trip than a shower, kayak or water shoes as those are not main essentials to take camping but are an added luxury.

  2. Sabrina

    I agree with Tracy regarding the shower tent/bathroom as it can be recreated from sheets, tablecloths, bushes, but digging a hole (of course using appropriate plastic bags to carry out waste if required) would be very useful, so adding that little folding shovel should be considered. The shovel is also useful for digging a trench around your tent in the event of rain as well as removing that rock that happens to be positioned under your sleeping mat. The shovel could replace the fancy water shoes as old tennis shoes work perfectly well for hiking, beach combing. I happen to enjoy kayaking, so if you are planning on kayaking, then of course the kayak would be needed!

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